Saturday, 4 April 2009

Washing and sails

We've dug out the main sail and spinnaker and are preparing for our trip to Stratford. Well there'sactually no preparation going on at all but Terri's here and telly hasn't been off since she arrived.

People wanted photos and this is as exciting as the photos get. Washing out the back of Pickles No 2. But it's easier doing the domestic duties when the sun is shining and the washing is dried within hours.

Is there something happening and no one has asked my permission? There have been several ex-working boats passing over the last couple of days, some hauling butties and some not. There has also been a hotel pair come past. I'll have to get myself a butty to feel like I belong.


Keith Lodge said...

Hi Pete. The working boats are probably on route to one of the many festivals which will be taking place from now on. We are on our way to Little Venice for their Cavalcade at the start of May. There is the Ricky Festival two weeks later, so it is all happening.
Are you going to Shacky this year??

Pete said...

Yes, Shacky is still on, mud forgiving. The festival season will be starting soon but I was just wondering which one they are off to. I should really just ask them.
Se ya.

grey wolf said...

back up to 54 readers that should put the wind in your sales.