Wednesday, 8 April 2009

21 down 54 left

Terri winding

Cape of Good Hope

21 locks done today and only 54 to go. My locking crew are revolting (the old ones are always the best). Hatton flight tomorrow morning. Lets hope we get a decent crew to share with. We are currently outside the Cape of Good Hope pub at Cape Locks in Warwick. We had a couple of pints there this evening and I can say with some conviction that the beer is in good nick. A good pub all round.

Terri on Roof

There are many more hire boats about but that very much to be expected with the Easter school holidays. We and a good crew with us today for Stockton Locks and made it in no time. Terri was very useful but her dress sense leaves much to be desired. I think it's the the acting student in her or the act that she just doesn't care. Anyone who wears pyjamas bottoms with wellys and a sweat top whilst locking should be avoided at all costs, especially when swinging a “turney thing.”

Wood on roof

We found a good selection of timber that we (I) will turn into firewood when we (I) get round to it.

'fraid it's all Terri today. I find that the viewings go up when she's on the photos. I wonder why?

I'm really getting sick of blogger now. Anyone know a free alternative?

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