Saturday, 18 April 2009

Arms, Capes and licences (or not)

My locking crew were locking through the Hatton flight when we came across another boat coming up (as you do). Lisa was chatting away when the other lady said that at the bottom of the flight was the Saltisford Arm and Lisa said, “Good job as I fancy a pint”. The woman looked at her a little baffled. Lisa recounted the conversation to me and I understood the other ladies bafflement. “I think you'll find that it's the Saltisford Arm, as in offshoot to the canal and not the Saltisford Arms as in a pub. Oh, how we laughed.

We never own windlasses do we. These are the metal things we could not do without but they're never really ours. We loose them, find them, retrieve them, buy them, mislay them and recover them but we never really own them.

We had an excellent meal in the Cape of Good Hope by Warwick Top Lock. The perfectly cooked steak.

I've been sporting a well out of date licence for the past couple of months and nobody has said anything. What is happening to this country. Does nobody care. What has happened to the 'rules is rules' brigade. We've had no sneers, snarles, odd or knowing looks, double takes or any comments whatsoever. What is going on out there. Are you all asleep. There's absolutely no point is trying to wind people up if nobody is prepared to be wound up. Do I have to spell it out or you . I AM NOT DISPLAYING A VALID LICENCE. Some people.


Carl said...

You're not displaying a what now?

Keith Lodge said...

Hi Pete. We enjoyed a lovely meal in The Cape as well. The Saltisford Arm is very welcoming if you want to stay for a couple of days. We look forward to going there again maybe this year.
Ha ha ha. No licence huh. Well you can bet your bottom dollar that someone has tried reporting your out of date licence through the online boat checker. So maybe not everyone is asleep. Happy boating, see you soon I hope. Jo x

Pete said...

Ahh, but I never said 'No licence', merely that I was not displaying a licence, just as you didn't say that I didn't have a licence. But then you already knew that didn't you Jo.