Friday, 10 April 2009

17 done & 16 (17) left

17 more done today which means (if my sums are correct) leaves 16 for tomorrow although I've just checked my Nicholson's and there seems to be 17 left (so my sums are obviously not correct). But what's another lock. Well my locking crew see things quite differently and were quite literally revolting this morning. More correctly, I should say 50% of them. There was much mutterings of missed breakfasts, lack of sleep and fatigue. There was also several incidents of throwing windlasses into the long grass. I thought it may be better to stop sooner rather than later for sustenance before I was assaulted at the tiller.

One calorie intake later and the crew were once again up-and-at-'em much to the Captain's relief. Hell we'd only moved as our hierarchy of needs started of with the need to empty the Elsan at Kingswood Junction above all others. Breakfast was well down the list. I may have to rethink our hierarchy of needs list. I don't think it's the same as Maslow's.

We are now moored in the middle of nowhere after several miscalculated attempts at mooring which resulted in groundings and subsequent poleing offs. The locks are slower to fill and to empty than I had imagined although the lockgear is well used.

It rained all day today and although that in itself is not necessarily a problem, it did prevent me from getting the camera out. We also visited the Fleur de Lys in Lowsonford for a pint just as we had eleven years ago when we last did the journey.

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