Tuesday, 7 April 2009

3 gone, 75 to go.

We set off late today as we had to do the car shuffle, shopping (we're off to Stratford, not the moon) and the usual time wasting. I say time wasting but we also had a couple of pints at the newly opened Admiral Nelson in Braunston. The beer was average and we didn't taste the food but as they are renovating and newly opened I would most definitely give them another chance. It is a superb location if a little difficult to find by car. They need some more advertising in the village to attract passing car trade. I knew it was there but took several wrong turns in order to find it.

Well we eventually got off mid afternoon and are now at Stockton Top Lock with Terri and Lisa having done the three locks at Calcutt. Only 75 to go. Terri is so out of practice she was seen wandering the lock side waving a windlass about saying, “What should I do with this?” By the end of tomorrow I think I know where she'll want to stick it, so I'd best keep a low profile around tea time.

When we were leaving Terri's car at Stratford we passed the Bancroft Basin but it was difficult to recognize as it had changed so much in the intervening ten or so years since our last visit. There was some work taking place around the area but not as much as I had been led to believe. We'll get a better look in a couple of days.

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