Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Lisa was off today due to the early morning conditions. In fact she got all her backlog of marking done and the other work that she needed to do but had been putting off. I wondered around Braunston peering in all the workshops, dry docks and offices being nosy. I visited Midland Swindlers for bits 'n bobs to plumb in the Belfast sink, skin fittings and paint for the sides of Pickles. She will no longer look like a scronk boat.

I also got hold of the months coal allocation. I've just got to get the fuel now but since Braunston Marina does not allow self declaration I refuse to get it there so will probably have to wait until we move on to the next location.

I've been accused of sniping by Lisa today but we seem to have different opinions as the definition of sniping. Lisa is, as usual, wrong but she is unwilling to accept my obviously correct definition. It was me, after all, who got an 'A' on my English GCSE when Lisa merely got a 'B' on our Access course 15 years ago before we went to uni. So that gives me the right to define all definable language related thingys on this boat. Contributions of other definitions of 'sniping' from any other bloggers will be ignored by me, as will anyone not taking my side.


Anonymous said...

It's quite obvious to me, without listening to any other opinion, that you are indeed correct on this.

Incidentally, how much does a narrowboater spend on coal/wood each month?

Anonymous said...


Pete said...

Ohh, don't listen to her.
Coal - between six and ten 25 kg bags during winter depending on how much wood I can collect for free.

Anonymous said...

How are things in the Old Plough lately?

Pete said...

Haven't been up there yet but will report soonest.