Saturday, 14 February 2009

Plebs and Valentines

I met Les from nb Valorie the other day as I was walking Sam and he had just arrived from being iced in for eleven days at Norton Junction. The last time I saw Les was around the Rugby area. We passed shouting who we were and he just looked a us confusingly. Not really a huge surprise as there is no sign writing on Pickles and we were expecting everyone whose blog we read to know us. Strangely he remembered this meeting as he mentioned it to me.

nb Hadar was also at Braunston but I never like knocking people up especially when the weather is so cold. You never know if they've just settled down and got the cabin warm and you're disturbing them. We'll see Jo and Keith next time.

The outlaws are up for their free pensioners Sunday lunch this weekend. They didn't turn up the other weekend as there was a little bit of snow around apparently.

We are moving to Hilmorton on Monday if we can convince Ken of the outlaws to do a car shuffle for us. As long as there's no snow around. Lisa and I rarely get the chance to move the boat together as at present we only have the one car and I'm certainly not using plebeian public transport.

Lisa and I did the usual Valentines thing this morning by exchanging overpriced cards in red envelopes and reading them aloud to each other in a loud, monotonous, boring voice. Well we would have if except Lisa hadn't forgotten my card. Incredible. If it had been the other way around there would have been a lot more of a vocal reaction than a grunt of acknowledgement from me that she was leaving for Daventry to instantly to rectify things.

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Keith Lodge said...

You should have knocked, we hadn't realised you were at Braunston as you were around the corner. We always glad to see someone.