Monday, 23 February 2009

A big long cucumber

Here we are in Newbold. I left this morning for the short run and since the weather was adequate for painting (despite the strong winds) I decided to complete the other side. But the towpath was on the left hand side all the way from Hillmorton to Newbold and this meant that I would have to wind to finish the other side. Just after Rugby I winded the boat and settled myself down for an afternoon of green hands. It took longer than I thought as it was colder than when the other side was done, the paint was thicker and Lisa was not helping to paint around the windows and the fiddly bits. The dodgyest part was rewinding (is that a word?) to face the right direction again without scratching the soft paint on the trees.

Pickles is now living up to it's name and looking decidedly green. Not so much like a pickle but more like a cucumber really. Quite a long cucumber. At least this will encourage me to get on with the panels, coach lines and sign writing to make it less vegetable like. But at least it fits in a little better with other moored boats and people seem to be more friendly as it looks less like a scronk boat and people seem less afraid of it and it's occupants.

Just as I was setting off for Newbold, I spied two people whom I recognised. Derek and Dot from nb Gypsy Rover (fellow bloggers with a much more popular blog than me judging by their figures) were walking to Halfords in Rugby and hailed me. I hadn't seem them since we were starting the initial fitout this time last year and Derek give me a hand with stripping the spray foam and the wiring and Dot made the brews. nb Valorie (also with a more popular blog than me. I'm beginning to feel inferior now) with Les on board is also here and we've been crossing paths since Braunston.

I'll get a picture or two of the cucumber blogged tomorrow for your perusal.


James said...

"Rewinding" is a brilliant term! I shall adopt it immediately.

It's interesting that you notice people being more friendly now just because you put a coat of paint on. I think its a shame that people judge boats by their colour (grey bad, shiny good). Are you going to update the picture in your blog title banner as painting progresses?

Pete said...

I will indeed James. That's a good idea that I hadn't thought of. I may even update the wording.

I'm a great one for peering into boats as I pass and can assure one and all that what's on the outside is never a reflection of what's on the inside.

Halfie said...

Often the same with humans.

Pete said...