Monday, 20 October 2008

What's cooking

Well we survived Pearl's cooking without ill effect. In fact it wasn't at all bad. I reckon that she got the meal from the local restaurant and served it up as her own. Well OK, lets not exaggerate.

We are moored at Trent Lock again as Lisa went to work again today as she had some tidying up to do after the first half of the term. Although it's half term, contrary to popular belief, many teachers have to work and she has come back with a great pile of marking and planning to complete before she goes back to work next week.

Mooring at Trent Lock in bad weather is a bit like mooring on the sea because the river is wide at this point and the wavelets are quite high beating against the hull when the wind is up. The weather is really quite appalling outside but snug inside. We are hopefully up the Erewash tomorrow.

Terri got her car back this morning after a one way exchange of much money. Well it's taught both her and us a lesson although I'm sure that the authorities are much hotter in her area than they would be around the areas we tend to migrate to. But there are snoopers and window twitchers everywhere (which we believe was the way she was caught; by being turned in by her neighbours). You only have to look at the canal forums and other blogs to see who the canal snoopers are.

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