Friday, 31 October 2008


One good thing about living on the boat is that greedy little kids in their flimsy, ill fitting, ill advised, non-frightening costumes don't knock on your door all night screaming, "Trick or treat" in a high pitched voice, with their spindly legs and their teeth bigger then their face. They then stick their greedy little hands into the jar of sweets that you had to specifically drive out to the Co-Op to buy earlier in the day just to placate the little buggers.

There's little chance of them walking down a dark, scary, muddy tow path (or at least it's unlikely their inevitably accompanying brow beaten parents would be bothered). Thank goodness for small mercy's.

Today I needed fuel and coincidentally it was the last day before the introduction of the new taxes. I dipped the tank and found two centimetres at the bottom. Oh dear!!! I've got to get up the Trent from Trent Lock to Sawley Marina against the current for about an hour. Will I make it. It was next to the bank all the way in the hope that, if it suddenly comes to an ignominious end, the wind will blow me into the bank. So with an ear to the engine all the way, listening for a change in the tone and a potential quick steer towards the bank and a bit of bow hauling to the fuel point. But fortunately it wasn't necessary and I made it without having to resort to my longest line.

Terri is arriving tomorrow and the the outlaws are visiting on Sunday and they're all expecting a traditional Sunday lunch. Stew again then.

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Anonymous said...

I share your views on the trick or treat brigade, I had to suffer ten of them last night, half of them with snotty noses trying to snaffle more sweets than their mates. Living onboard certainly has its advantages to us land based unfortunates.