Sunday, 19 October 2008

Snoopers and cars

Terri has just had her car towed away in London due to unpaid road tax and after telephoning the usual assortment unhelpful characters we have finally tracked the vehicle down to a car pound some distance from her home and she has paid for her tax. Students eh!

That sort of thing never happened to us when we were young. We were responsible, sensible and sober. Not like the youth of today with their irresponsible attitudes to money. Our generation looked after their money and saved for a rainy day, never borrowed more than we could afford to pay back, never overstretched ourselves. It wouldn't surprise me that in the future, today's recklessness by the young will place the countries economy in jeopardy. Kids today; you try to give them advice but the never listen. I wonder why?

We left Nottingham on Saturday after a quick trip down to the Trent. We are due at the outlaws tomorrow as we've been invited for Sunday lunch. It is always an interesting experience being faced with Pearl's cooking. We'll see.

I note that BW have started their snooper's web page where you can enter the BW number of an boat and find if they are licenced or not then you can report where you saw them and a description of the boat. I spent an hour the other night inputting loads of random 51**** numbers and when I came up with ones that came out as unlicensed I placed them as being sighted in little heard of backwaters in the hope that BW inspectors will be looking for them there instead of where the actually are. In fact BW already know all of this info and this is just a sop to those who believe that not enough is being done to collect uncollected licence fees. I won't give a link to the web page as it would only encourage them.

I'm currently sorting out Terri's room (yes, we now have rooms (or cabins)) and I think that I'll finish this room before I move on to the rest of the boat. It's all coming along nicely now as I have almost finished with all the large 4x8 boards. I am now using all the cutoffs to produce the built in furniture. I'll get some photos as soon as I am happy for the work to be of an acceptable standard. The fact that we call it Terri's room is more to do with Lisa insisting that terri still has a room here rather than the reality which is that Terri has only ever spent three night s on the boat ever. And who could blame her.

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Anonymous said...

hehehe! Yep I know you chose not to have a tv but is Terri now the 'daughter of Declan on Emerdale'?
Cos that actress is the spit of the lovely person you describe so often!