Monday, 3 March 2008

Homeless or liveaboards?

I'm writing this entry wearing a head torch as the electricity is not working (nor is anything else). No surprise there as the thirty day fit out didn't exactly go as planned.

Derek and Dot from nb Gypsy Rover saw us on our first night on-board and I think really felt sorry for us. They were kind enough to realise our predicament and neglected to mention our state on their blog.

I will try to get some photos on here over the next couple of days as it is not as bad as some may be imagining (on the other hand it may be). I also didn't realize how important electricity is in life. Battery power is brilliant as far at it goes but it doesn't seem to be far enough.

Lisa is actually enjoying the boating side of things but it is the outside influences and the forward planning that she finds difficult. One example is hygiene as there is no running water yet and her job dictates that she could be found out as being unclean. Kids can be cruel.

I'd best get off this before the battery goes but things are going great and we are very happy (at least that's what I'm told).

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MortimerBones said...

reminds me of my first days/months aboard Bones. You will soon get used to it, and at least the garden is well looked after! Don't forget to make new friends and invite yourself over for a shower/bath! Mine soon got used to me and there would often be a bath running (with bubbles) when I arrived to supper....!

It sounds greaet fun.....