Monday, 10 March 2008

What a dreadful day

My little van broke down today and the electrics seem to be a little mad. When I go near it with the key, the speedometer, fuel gauge and odometer move erratically. I think it ma be a flat battery but I'll have to test it tomorrow.

I went looking for paraffin today and found that the garden centres are stopping stocking it for the summer as it is only used for heating glass houses in winter. Oh dear. Not good. I'll have to find another source.

I didn't get an thing done on the boat as it was raining most of the day and I really need to be working outside for cutting the ply as the inside of the boat has been made into a home by Lisa meaning that I have very limited space to work. Our living area has gradually moved towards the rear of the boat and invading my workshop space. I may have to plan an invasion to regain my space back.

On the up side, Derek and Dot from nb Gypsy Rover called and said they were throwing stuff away and if I wanted it I was welcome. Not one to look a kiwi gift horse in the mouth, I drove down to Atherstone locks to pick up the bits and pieces which included a twin set of Desmo legs, foam and some wood. All good stuff and very much appreciated. Only a shame that I lived up to the reputation as tight ass that I've built for myself as I only had a tenner in my wallet to offer in recompense. Next time your in the area I make up for it.

The trip up the Ashby went very well but I am still not used to turning all seventy foot of the beast and on some of the tight bends I have a tendency to get stuck in the mud. At one point on the journey, in the hail, Lisa's bike got caught on some overhanging branches and was pulled off the roof. Rather adeptly (I thought) I cut the engine as we passed and dragged it out with one hand keeping the other on the tiller, stuck it back on the roof and continued the journey. Skilled narrowboater me.

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