Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Verbally abused

I've been verbal abused today. No not by Lisa, although I'm sure she'd like to. No, by a complete stranger. And a boater no less. I took the boat down to Marston junction at the end of the Ashby to wind it and on the way back I was joined by another boat called 'Josh' who tagged along several hundred yards to my rear. I had passed it on the way down and again on the way back and it had tagged on after I had set off again after lunch. It slowly caught up with me by the time I had reached Hinckley but made no effort to come up close and I never considered it ever wanted to pass.

Well I pulled into my mooring and proceeded to get the ropes sorted and I heard a lot of shouted effing and blinding. I poked my head up and it was the man on the tiller of 'Josh' yelling at me. The conversation, if that indeed was what it was, went something like this.

"You f*****g b*****d. F*****g T**t. I know what you're up to you f*****g a*****e."

"I'm sorry."

"You f*****g b*****d. I've been boating for thirty five years and I know what you're up to you f*****g b*****d."

By this time I had realised that this tirade was directed against me but had no idea what crime I had committed.

"You t**t. You f*****g b*****d. I know what our like. I know what you're up to. I know all the tricks."

He was in his sixties and by now I had assumed that he was the Ashby Canal nutter so just waved and said that he should have a pleasant day.

He continued past still cursing my existence turning around and shouting as he went by.

I still have absolutely no idea what that was all about or what my offence was supposed to have been. He never came lose enough for me to pull over to let him pass so it cannot have been that. How bazaar. I dare say that we will be rubbing shoulders again as the Ashby is a dead end and he has to come past me again. One of the local boaters knows him and thinks he's all right and that he has been living on the Ashby for thirty years. Life really is full of surprises.

Anyway here are some piccies. No particular reason for them except that I now have the camera working with a new data card, it's my blog and I can put on it what I want.

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