Saturday, 29 March 2008

Terri has left the building (boat)

Terri's disappeared back to London. In the end she stayed with friends most of the time for some strange reason. This leaves us clear to move around a little and to that end we intend to pop down to the pie pub on at the bottom of the Napton flight We're probably going to leave tomorrow and make it a Sunday to Sunday trip. The original plan was to do the Warwickshire ring but that was assuming that we had a little longer. It will be good to get out and about for a while and find another muddy towpath for a change.

Before we leave we intend visiting Ikea to have a look to see some chairs and see if anything is suitable for us. Picnic chairs are good for a picnic but living with them on a long term basis is not recommended, We are also investigating cheap wood burners and to that end visited some local emporiums but nothing was found that was suitable. They were either far too big or weird shapes. The Boatman stove advertised at the bag of the waterways mags looks good and I think we'll investigate that. I know many go for Squirrels and Bunnys but they are double the price of the Boatman. We reckon that it would save us a considerable amount on paraffin every month and paraffin is getting harder to obtain as the garden centres are stopping stocking it.

Lisa is out with the girlies tonight and was last seem trudging down the muddy towpath in the rain hugging her bedding in a plastic bag (she's staying over) in one hand and her going out clothes in the other. What me help. I'm not about to get wet.

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