Sunday, 23 March 2008

An actress arrives

Terri arrived back from uni and very impressed with her sleeping arrangement she wasn't. She has opted to sleep at a friends house tonight. Cannot imagine why. She tried to convince us she was enjoying her stay but as good an actress as she is, we were not convinced. More practice required there I think. Maybe we just know her too well.

It was cold last night and the main paraffin heater was playing up. Lisa wanted everything to be perfect for Terri's return but inevitably it never could be here. We snuggled down for the evening and in the end we all saw the funny side of things and had a good laugh about it all. Our living conditions can only get better from here.

Woke up early this morning to this. By the time Terri emerged it had all disappeared and was just cold again. Another set of friends arrived today to inspect and I suspect giggle at our home. They were mightily impressed with the food if not the interior of the boat. Kev and Deb did what Terri had done and said all the right things but again we could see right through it. I think we should give up having people over until we are a little better sorted.

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