Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Loads of links, and potential misery

I am a very non-competitive person. In fact I am an irritatingly uncompetitive sole. I did not mean to have more narrowboat links than Granny but I just thought that there were some good ones that Granny hadn't included. I mean, Pickles no2 wasn't even there. But this is not a competition, there is no prizes for having the most links, no glory, no prestige, no benefits. Just because I've got more than Granny doesn't mean anything (other than the fact that I've got more, ha ha ha!!! Sorry forgot myself for a moment). The fact that I've got another seven on my feeds awaiting assessment and adding to my links means absolutely nothing whatsoever. OK, some links may be a little spurious, some maybe a little irrelevant, some a bit inapplicable but they all need constant checking and no doubt someone else will find a broken one or an irrelevant, spurious or inapplicable one.

The boat has been visited, but not attended to, over the past couple of days. No good for my premise of the thirty day fit out. The 'I told you so' merchants will be out in force and saying, “I told you so”. Well sod off. I'll start the thirty day thing again when we move on board. Oh dear. That's in two days time. What a miserable failure. “At least we'll be happy” says Lisa. I'm not so sure that we will. It will be difficult in the short term but at least we will be afloat and at least I can dedicate 100% of my time on the rest of the fit out. Unless of course, I get side-tracked.

The house has taken priority for the last couple of days but on the up side, we are planning our first cruise as live-aboards. All the way down to Marston Junction and back on Sunday morning. Well you have to start somewhere. Even if you have no water, no 12 volt electricity, no 240 volt electricity, no comforts, no chairs, no bed, no nothing. Not even enough of the boat below the waterline. Welcome to our brave new world.


Andrew Smith said...

On the plus side, you will be on your own boat and there will be no more travelling backwards and forwards to do the fit-out!
And the days are getting longer and warmer!
Best of luck. I look forward to reading your posts (when you have time to make any).

MortimerBones said...

sounds marvellous! All mod cons are so over-rated. Perhaps you could ballast the boat out with some pet sheep?

Anonymous said...

I told you so!!!!!!!!
Only joking :)
You doing grand and now you will be on board the time will be more enjoyable, as Andrew says the days are getting longer and summer is on the way.
Happy boating.

Halfie said...

Am enjoying reading your blog after discovering you have put mine on your blogroll (you are now on mine). You have taken on far more than I could envisage doing - my dream for when I've retired is to buy a second-hand boat with no bugs and which is ready to go. But can I wait ten years?