Thursday, 21 February 2008

Revolting workforce

Derek and Dot from nb Gypsy Rover hadn't made a fast escape during the night and were still there when I arrived for work (but it's not real work according to Lisa) this morning. Derek found that his gearbox had again spilled its contents into the bilges. The good news is that he believes that he has identified the problem and where the oil is coming from. A call to Ashby boats found a local gearbox engineer who will hopefully be able to help cure the problem once and for all.

Derek bounced on board again and declared his interest in helping for the second day. Not one to refuse help, he was put straight to work putting in the 12 volt electrics. That done he tackled the spray foam for the rest of the day. The spray foam has been a real pain in the bum and I had never read that anyone has had so much work to do to get rid of the excess foam. It would have taken another three days to remove a sufficient amount to enable the lining to be completed but on Derek's suggestion, I battened above the gunwales with an extra 9mm using spare ply. It seems to have done the job and should be ready to finalise the electrics and then finish the lining out. Dot again provided the bacon butties but this time without the eggs. I obviously ate them all yesterday.

There doesn't seem to be an easy method of removing the foam but it was admirably tackled by Derek who is now an expert on spray foam removal. Research completed, he can currently be found writing up his thesis on the subject on-board Gypsy Rover. He saved me several days hard graft and I am extremely grateful once again.

Lisa came down at the end of the day to inspect progress and surprisingly announced she was very pleased. I can't imagine why as she has to move onto it in seven days time. Perhaps it hasn't hit her yet or she thinks we are moving onto another boat. We'll see.

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