Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Bloggers forced labour

You see. The system works. You shout for help and help arrives in the form of fellow bloggers Derek and Dot from nb Gypsy Rover. I was heading down the tow path with far too much conduit on my shoulder and watched their boat pull into the moorings in front of Pickles No 2. We exchanged niceties and Derek announced that he wished to help me out today. Probably out of sympathy for a poor unfortunate, incompetent DIYer but still, I readily accepted and got him straight to work.

We jumped in and completed the conduit for the wiring and the 240 volt circuit including stripping back even more spray foam. By half past four we had finished more than I could ever have done by myself and I am eternally grateful.

“Now, tomorrow I want you to complete the 12 volt wiring and plug it all into the fuse board then wire up the lights and plug sockets. I'm sorry. What do you mean you're leaving to continue up the Ashby. There's much more work to do you know. Well, I'll have to do it myself then.”

Cheers for the help Derek and Dot for the tea and bacon butties (I know I ate Derek's bacon and egg cobs but that's my prerogative as the guest).

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