Friday, 8 February 2008

First set of lining complete.

Both sides are now lined below the gunwales. It will be the engine bay that gets the next treatment so at least I won't have to contort my aching body over the engine to enter the boat. It's an accident waiting to happen. This manual work's no fun and I'm very tired in the evenings hence the short entries.

I have bought a new camera and phone at under a hundred pounds for both. I am highly impressed with both items but haven't had the time to work out how they operate as yet. Terri is back this weekend so I'll ask her. Hopefully I'll be taking photos again next week and mightily interesting they will be too. I should have taken one today as I had to move all the tools, wood, cookers, heaters etc to one side and the boat was almost at tipping point (well it seemed that way). It is a disconcerting feeling when it was tipped over to that extent. There's also a few more boats moving about in the good weather although I haven't had time to enjoy it.

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