Saturday, 23 February 2008

New wheels

Arrived at the boat yesterday and found that my workforce had scarpered in Gypsy Rover. Well the gratitude. You provide work and a livelihood and after two days their off. Taking advantage of my good nature I reckon.

Got a bit more wiring done and identified the positions of all the electrical items like sockets and switches. Once I've got the relevant wiring completed I can finish the lining out. Maybe next week (then again maybe not). Today Lisa took Derek and Dot (50% of which is my ex workforce) to the NEC for the boat show. She reported back that they seemed to enjoy it. I was too busy dismantling what remains of our house.

I have finally got rid of our old ex ambulance camper van. It was virtually unusable as it was too thirsty. I've now got myself a nice little ford white van thingy which I am very pleased with. I did a swap with the guy and he give me £200 on top. Unusually this is not the first instance of people giving me money lately. The Post Office, which have insured the new van, are sending me £50.00 for buying their insurance making the premium £116. I'll believe it when it's credited to my account,

Hope the guy who bought the old camper has more money than sense in order to fill the thing up with petrol. Mine will need a new clutch sooner rather than later but is generally in good nick. Strangely the screen washer was not working on the either the old ambulance nor is it working in my new van and neither party informed the other. Poetic justice on us both. It's already been well utilized in running rubbish to the recycling centre and such a lot of rubbish I can get in the back. We've to finish clearing the upstairs of the house by end of play tomorrow (more unrealistic goals).

By the way. I have increased the number of links to narrowboat blogs on my links bit on the right hand side of the screen (no good to those using feeds) and there are now a total of about about sixty (even more than Granny). Go on. Try a new one today.

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Anonymous said...

Hi both,just dropping you a line to wish you both well.Can't see the wine rack yet but am sure Lisa will be installing one soon(all 70ft).Make the most of your creature comforts this week(kidding!)
Love the washer woman(Angie of Ashby)xxx