Saturday, 16 February 2008

Is it another week already?

It was half term week this week and we took advantage of the fact that both of us were at home and started to box up the house. This was not something that I had taken into consideration when I began this project and had believed that it would have magically happened while I was fitting out the boat. Not to be. While our home has been placed in boxes, the boat has slowed to a crawl but I have started the plumbing with the hot and cold water systems on the go and all the relevant parts now having been purchased and many of them in place; calorifier, pipework and pump.

Tomorrow I am tackling the delightful task of painting the inside of the water tank. Not something I have been looking forward to and something every other person has detested. I had a taste of things to come today when I was mopping out the old rain water and canal water from the tank that seems to have come in through the unsealed hatch (well I hope it wasn't coming in from the bottom). I was filthy from cleaning the rust ready for the first of two coats.

Next week I am left to my own devices again during the day and am starting the electricity. Not something I have ever professed any amount of competence in but one that should be relatively logical with the help of Tony Brooks. I have already bought and put in place the battery bank so the next big item is the Victron combi 3Kw inverter/battery charger that I have decided on after pondering all the alternatives.

Unfortunately, as I expected, this blog is sadly neglected at the present and our time is spent with all aspects of the impending move and my soon to finish monthly tussle with Talktalk (soon to become walkwalk). We are now dongled up(or dingled up as Lisa says) with a Web n' Walk package from T-Mobile so we have no fears about mobile communication as it is now fully tested in the comfort of our home. Downstairs we have GPRS and up there is 3G.

We are still being kicked out on the 29th of this month so there is no time for dilly-dallying around. If I'm not doing the work my mind is racing around the thorny issues at hand and the pros and cons of the various problems I've come across. If I don't return in 24 hours, send out the search party. They'll probably find me covered in black paint in a tiny tight space at the front of the boat screaming that it's all too much. I've got the hang of the new camera but haven't had the inclination to place phots on here yet. Maybe next time.

See ya.

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