Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Towel overboard

Had a late start today and made or way down to Braunston to visit the PO and The Plough. The meal was very good although a little more expensive that we are used to (about a pound). The wind was a little gusty but when we started again on the way to Napton it really took hold. We had moored just beyond the winding point outside the marina and had to back up to the entrance to turn. Every time I attempted to put the bow into the entrance, the wind blew us sideways and I missed it. The pole was useless so I opted to back into the entrance and wind with the bow in the canal. and the stern in the marina Worked much better and a lesson learned.

The remainder of the journey was just as eventful and the boat seemed not to react too well on occasions. In the morning we had lost a couple of tee shirts and the collapsible dryer as someone had placed it outside in the cratch as that same someone thought that it would be a good drying day. Indeed it would have been if the said person could have kept the items to be dried out of the canal. The tee shirts are never to be dry again and are destined to wrap themselves around some unsuspecting boater's propeller in future times.

Talking of which we lost the dogs towel in the early part of the afternoon under the same circumstances (we never learn from our mistakes). By the time we were about a mile from the junction with the Grand Union I'd had enough of struggling with the thing. I had put the struggle down to the wind but thought I'd have a look down the weed hatch. Yip. You're right. There it was, the dogs towel wrapped around the prop. I'm not surprised the boat wasn't doing what it was told. Well you live and learn. Or in our case not.


Keith Lodge said...

Hi there from Keith & Jo off Hadar. Sorry we didn't have time to stop, only we were trying to make up lost time having spent over 2 hours jammed in a bridge hole with a hirer at Fenny Compton day before yesterday. Let's hope next time we meet we get the chance to stop and chat and properly introduce ourselves.

Pete said...

No need to stop on our behalf. We are tending to surprise people without the name on the side. It was lovely to see Hadar anyay as the pictures don't do her justice. Lisa says that her hair wasn't right to be seen publicly anyway but I wouldn't know about that.

Keith Lodge said...

LOL< Lisa my hair is never good and plenty have seen it hehehe. next time we see you we will do our best to stop.... Take care and stay safe. Jo