Tuesday, 8 April 2008

New chairs

We've bought some Ikea chairs. They're very comfortable compared to out picnic chairs but possibly not up to Wilson's standards. We just need walls now. But the electrical cupboard is nearly done and by tomorrow, may be finished and the wiring connected up. This means that the water will be ready to be pumped and I can finally finish dragging barrels of water down the towpath on our submersible trolley. I still haven't got the lights fitted but the wiring is all in place. I have to get the the lining completed above the gunwales; least at the front in the living area.

'y's are a real problem with Lisa's computer. I'm not trying to make excuses for my appalling spelling but there you go. The 'y's still don't work and neither does my spelling.

The mooring police have been visiting today and have placed notices on all the boats that have been mooring on the non-towpath side and just noted the names of all those of us on the towpath side.


tom cole said...

Pete your blog was given to me by a friend who wants to buy a narrow boat so she looks at all the blogs, she noticed yours because you say your a bowyer I am a bowyer as well i work in my garage and that's a tight space how do u manage on a narrow boat. Would love to know.
Regards Tom

Pete said...

I'm still fitting out the narrowboat and have just got the water and electricity working and haven't started making bows on here yet. My previous workshop was a 10' x 12' shed at the bottom of the garden but I no longer have a garden either unless you include the towpath.

My planned workshop on here is 12' x 7' so that should not be too bad as far as space goes. I reckon that a garage would be luxury for making bows if it was dedicated to that. You don't need many tools and as long as you can turn the bow that should be enough space.