Saturday, 12 April 2008

A qualified person

I am now a fully qualified plumber and electrical engineer. The water is flowing in both hot and cold varieties. Not only is the water pump working but the tunnel light is also functioning and switched at the correct place. I just need to find tunnel to try it out on. The rest of the lights are still not present but give me time (as if I haven't had enough). I can tell you’re impressed.

The Ikea chairs are also wearing well and we haven’t broken them yet which is a surprise as we’ve had them for a week already. There is also a table and chairs and the washing machine is plumbed in and working great guns off the generator. We were told, and I had read, that washing machines require sine wave to work correctly. Indeed others had told us that washing machines explode if the correct electricity form is not supplied.

Needless to say that I ignored these harbingers of doom who, usually well intentioned, merely regurgitate what they had over-heard, what someone had told them or they had read in some manufacturers blurb and insist that it’s the truth. Never believe the truth or at least other peoples’ truth. Mine is also a little suspect but that at least is my truth and I’ve got no-one else to blame if that’s wrong (except Lisa of course).

We can also recharge the leisure batteries using a Heath Robinson contraption involving various wires and the positive from a car jump lead set. It works but I have to remember to disconnect it when we stop or the starter battery will expire.

We were so impressed with our modern living standards what we took a trip up to Sutton Cheney to refill the water tank. The previous water had been in there for a month and had been put there merely as ballast and anyway Lisa wanted fresh to drink. No more hauling those jerry cans down the towpath for me. It makes you appreciate the simple things in life when you have to live without them. Lisa says that’s why she like living with me. I cannot imagine what she means.

I'm in a gprs area tonight but I'll upload the photos to prove it all tomorrow. Bet you can hardly wait.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete and Lisa,

Just wondering as I enjoy reading the blog when the 30 days is going to start, I don't recollect you firing the gun to start or indeed finish so not sure at what point in the 30 days you are at present. Are there any graphs of progress against actual time available, or indeed a pie chart to show time consumed against the 30day fit out window for each of the elements?? All the very best for the remaining build time if there is any and keep up the blog, its great.


Pete said...

I'm not sure that you've been paing attention Don. The thirty days have been and gone. I must be on the third lot of thirty days' by now.

Anyway, it's my thirty days and I'll allocate them how I wish; or not at all. As I keep saying, it's my blog. I leave the graphs and pie charts to Lisa as she's the maths teacher.

Anonymous said...

Hello both,
Glad to see you have the washing machine. Any chance of you taking in some ironing. Lisa needs to earn some extra pin money. Love Ang of Ashby x

Pete said...

Of course I'll do it Ang, I've got nothing better to do!!! The ironing board is still hanging up at the back of my cupboard.

I'm sure the kids won't mind me standing ironing at the front of the class while they're doing their practice mental maths tests!!!

Lisa xx