Friday, 4 April 2008

An appalling meal and a real fire

We are now back on home soil (of sorts) having travelled from Hawksbury junction. A pretty uneventful day except for our lunchtime meal. We pulled up at the moorings on the Ashby at Bulkington to try the Corner pub mentioned in my old Nicholson's. According to the book this served "good bar meals". Well it doesn't. It serves appalling rubbish that it calls food. I shall be boycotting all Marston's taverns in future if this is the standard of the cuisine. My frozen fish had been boiled in water and was tasteless tripe. I even doubt if it had ever been a living creature swimming the the sea. The veg was also from the freezer and had been boiled to buggery. As for the cheese sauce (I thought that might be a mistake) it was a white sauce with cheese flavouring powder added (maybe). It's a long time since I've had a meal that bad.

Lisa had a combi and the steak was like two bulls testicles and the scampi was minuscule. When is five onion rings ever considered a serving? The whole thing was advertised as two for one and so it was. If I had arrived there by myself and been charged full price, I would have had the manager in one hand and the chef in the other metaphorically gripped around the throat and pinned to the wall to ask them no uncertain terms what they thought they were doing ruining what could have been decent food (on second thoughts, I very much doubt it could have been rescued).

Needless to say that when the waitress asked if everything was all right (surly moo) we replied that "yes it was". Ohh! we are brave aren't we. Just don't like to make a fuss. But we left after only one pint and they'll never see us again. Not that I suppose they care if their customer care is anything like their food.

Les on nb Valerie agrees with me that the Barley Moe at Newbold is a good meal and good value according his blog.

We have called Eddie from the Boatman Stove advertised in the back of Waterwas World and he will have a stove delivered to us in the next week or so. He seemed very helpful and I have read that he is.

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