Thursday, 22 November 2007

Nagging doubts

I'm starting to have nagging doubts about the layout I've planned. Also the size of the portholes. I've included a copy of the layout for any comments (positive only please. We don't want any negative waves here Moriarty). I'm wondering if the bulkheads are in the right place. Will the saloon be big enough? Is my workshop going to be large enough to make bows? Will I really be able to fit a sold fuel Rayburn through the front door? Does it look aesthetic from the outside? Will the jumbled mess that's in my head really result in a decent boat? (Don't worry. These are rhetorical questions).

The boat is all portholes and I found myself frantically flicking through old copies of waterways magazines to investigate whether there is going to be enough light. Someone stop me from getting on the phone and screaming at the person on the other end, "Stop this madness. I don't want it to go any further. Cancel the whole thing, keep my deposit and I'll buy a small semi somewhere in the north of England." Whoever they are.

There are also two side doors at the back on either side in my planned workshop. At the front, there is one in the galley and one opposite the dinette and these will have opening glazed inner doors on the inside to allow more light. The coloured spots on the plan are either lights or mushrooms. It's all blindingly obvious. Well it all makes sense to me.

My refusal to buy any modern software for my computer dictates that I have to pass it through several different pieces of, sometimes ancient, software to change it from an OpenOffice spreadsheet to a jpg file. It seems to have come out okay. I might even get a photo on here soon.


Keith Lodge said...

May I wish you all the luck in the world with your adventure.
I will certainly pop in from time to time to see how you are getting on. If your having nagging doubts, now is the time to make changes. I am sure it will be fine.
Kind regards... Jo

Anonymous said...

As well as sufficient light coming in the portholes you might like to consider the ease with which you can look out at the wonderful scenery you will be in.
You also want as many good vibes coming in as possible.
Good luck Mukiwa

Pete said...

Cheers Jo. I'm sure it will be fine. Even if it's not, we'll make the best of it.

Mukiwa - We considered this and balanced it with security and anti-vandalism measures. When we are moving I'll be at the back and Lisa will be in the well. We can see what we want from those locations. Absolutely right about the vibes and a Houdini hatch may be something for the future.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

The only comment I can make is, do you really need the dinette.

A 'butterfly' table with seats that fit inside when not required is possibly a way of getting more room in the saloon.

Of course you would have to open and close it time you needed it.

If you have visitors that need a bed overnight, then an inflatable one would suffice.

Check the suitability of the Rayburn, being discussed on 'the forum' at the moment.

I have lost count of the number of times I have redesigned our boat and I do not think it will be finalised until it goes into the water.

Feel free to totally disregard this.:)

Pete said...

Hi Bottle - The dinette is not my idea, it's Lisa's. She wants it for various reasons. It's all a bit of a compromise as I get some things she wouldn't put in and vice versa. I am planning to have it as flexible as possible. There is something similar to what I am planning for the dinette in the current issue of Canal Boat on a boat called 'Water Lily'. But I thought of it first.

As for the Rayburn I have read most of what is on the forum and Magnetman seems to be the only current member with one and he swears by it. There are also some other good comments on them. The only negative is the heat during the summer. But on that one, I am a man with a plan on our gas free boat.

Andrew Smith said...

I would certainly vote FOR the dinette. We own a share in a narrowboat which just has a foldaway table and that is the one thing that we would love to change. Having a table and seats that you don't need to pack away every time would be great.
Certainly looking forward to seeing how the fit-out goes!

Pete said...

Well thank you very much Andrew. You're supposed to be backing me up here. Any further support for Lisa's ideas and you may find your comments deleted. We will have no dissent here.

Pullman type dinettes are not so popular these days but even I can see the benefits. Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...


Like so many, following your new adventure with interest. You're bang on with portholes and side hatches - we've never worried about sufficient light and we love the extra privacy and security they afford. I'm pro the dinette too mainly because I've spent too many years in houses balancing a plate on my knees and lying on the floor reading the paper. Yes, I know you can buy tables these days, we just didn't get round to it...

Anyway, good luck with everything. The jitters are quite natural - but just think of the fantastic way of life you are aiming for. I'm sure you will have no regrets.

Best wishes, Sarah

Pete said...

Sarah - Lisa appreciates the support. Secretly I agree but had to disagree so as to get a compromise and have my workshop on board. I don't think the light thing will be aproblem either.