Monday, 19 November 2007


I feel that I may need to clarify what I mean by 'a habitable standard'. The word habitable is, of course, relative. The Duke of Westminster's idea of habitability will be very different from Josef the tramp's . We will be very happy with a lined boat with bulkheads up, a solid fuel stove, a little cold running water, a few lights and some loose furniture initially (well that's what Lisa said. Whether she actually means that is an entirely different thing). Showering facilities can be arranged with friends, laundry at the launderette. We are not strangers to a little bit of hardship.

The boat will not be finished for at least a year (if ever). We'd rather the £800 it takes to keep our rented house ticking over went on our boat and not into our landlord's pocket. In 'The Narrowboat Builder's Book', Graham Booth reckons he took 1390 hours to finish Rome. I think that I can get in 250 hours on Pickles in the first month and that way we can make it habitable to a greater or lesser extent (possibly the latter). Naive, stupid or brilliant. You decide.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

Now you are talking, I did originally wonder about your definition of habitable.

As you say the main priority is warmth, especially for the ladies.

Pete said...

I'm a dreamer, an idealist and have my head in the clouds but not unrealistic.