Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Act one Scene one

Well here we are then.

The plan is much the same as many others before us and in this respect it has all been done before. The time frame however is a little less than many of those same others would probably wish for. Thirty days to fit out a new sailaway 70' narrowboat to a habitable standard, move out of our existing home and move lock, stock and two smokers onto said boat. How difficult can it be?

The deposit has now been paid, the build slot is booked and any second thoughts will be expensive. We've only been planning it for ten years. I say planning it but we didn't really start planning until Easter 2007. Before that we were merely dreaming, talking, assuming and generally thinking about the possibility of the concept. When we were students the seed was sown when we bought an ancient Dawncraft 22 with our student loan (whoever said students weren't responsible with their funds). The Dawncraft saw us around the midland canal system for a good month or so. OK we didn't have running water, electricity, cooking facilities or headroom. But we did have a cat, an eight year old daughter, too much beer/wine and adventures aplenty.

When we ordered it from The New Boat Company they said that there aren't many orders made for sailways at this time of year for delivery in January. Really, I wonder why. I think I may be missing something. Not only that but we will have to sail/drive/navigate (delete as appropriate) to our home location. That should be fun.

The thirty days doesn't start until we get the boat onto the Ashby Canal where it will be moored. Hey. It's my blog and I'll say when it starts. OK.

The boat is due at the end of January and we now have a little bit preparation to be getting on with. I'll get some pictures on here when I have something to picture and work out how to do it all.

Toodle pip


Anonymous said...

First things first, good luck with the build, you are planning to do in one month, that which takes the professionals at least six.

January is very cold, your first priority may be keeping warm.

The name of the boat may be very apt because I think you may well end up in one, a pickle that is.

If you have any free time pop over to we are a friendly bunch, most of the time. ;)

Pete said...

I do keep an eye on the forum and have done so for some time. May think about contributing. They're not all as friendly as you though. I'll explain my build intentions in future posts.