Sunday, 18 November 2007

Contract signed.

I drove down to Hanbury Wharf today to sign the contract. It was all done with the least bit of ceremony (“There it is." "Sign there." "That's it." "Thank you.”) as Lisa was visiting Terri (keep up and read the cast of characters) who was with the outlaws. I'm not normally one for ceremony or fuss but when it comes to something that is a life changing purchase, I think that a little celebration wouldn't have gone amiss. A little disappointing perhaps as I fancied a pint at the time.

According to the contract, there is also the distinct possibility that the boat will be delivered in December. Well that would be a very pleasant Chrizzy prezzy and it would keep me off the streets over the festive period. It may also allow me to extend the intended 30 day fit out period to a slightly more reasonable time frame (it's my time frame after all). The build time could be as little as four weeks. This seems incredible for the amount of work necessary. I appreciate that Liverpool Boats are a mass production commercial operation who build masses of hulls yearly but four weeks would be pushing it. This is one of the reasons we chose The New Boat Company and their Kingfisher sailaway from Liverpool Boats. When I want something, I want it now. I'm not really big on metalwork (I don't even know how to weld but must learn this year) and very pleasing as Josher type bows are, in my opinion, they do not warrant the extra cost and extra time that the yards that produce this style of boat would take. Also I do not tend to be very pernickity (I don't think that is even a word) about things.

Toodle pip


Khayamanzi said...

Hi there. Welcome to the boating world and an even bigger welcome to the blogging boating world and an even biggerer welcome to the world of boating bloggers who are mad!! You certainly are but all the very best for the project, I shall watch with great interest.
(a fellow blogger- or and a fellow New Boat Company boat owner who also once lived on the Ashby!)

Pete said...

Hi Andy. Most people seem quite positive about the whole thing. I was expecting the worst with the inevitable doom merchants coming out of the woodwork to condemn the project. I've placed you in the 'Other performances'. Cheers