Friday, 23 November 2007

It's Granny's fault

Well thanks to Granny things have been going a bit mad around here. Granny Buttons give me a mention and the audience figures have gone through the roof and takings are up. That's what it's all about though, bums on seats laddie, bums on seats. Not normally known for over-exaggeration, I'm absolutely cock-a-hoop but also a little baffled and not a little disturbed at the number of people who are reading this drivel. A narrowboat blog from someone without a narrowboat. There's no accounting for taste.


Anonymous said...

Come in, Pickles No.2, your 15 minutes is up! :-)

Seriously, you are far from 'drivel'.

For example, the one about Tony Brooks is really helpful. Until you mentioned it, I never even thought about the absence of 240volt stuff on his website.

Perhaps you can find a canal angle for your 'bowyer' stuff too. I'm all a-quiver (sorry!) to hear more.

Incidentally, my first job, when I was 15, was in a Bowyer's pie factory, and I still can't hear the word 'bowyer' without thinking of what went in those pork pies...

Pete said...

Well is seems like drivel to me and I may go for the full half hour. I only noticed the 240 volt thing as I was looking for it.

I've known people who worked at Pork Farms and they have never eaten a pork pie since. Probably best all round.

I'd say that when I move the workshop onto the boat we will get the canal angle up and running.