Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Interweb resources

Is Tony Brooks' site http://www.tb-training.co.uk/ the most useful on the interweb to those of us fitting out or thinking about fitting out a narrowboat? It is certainly the most helpful practical guide that I have found covering most aspects of the systems involved.

The one exception is the 240 volt systems as this is not covered as comprehensively. I should imagine that Tony has come to the conclusion that people can kill themselves fitting this wrongly and didn't wish to be a part of the problem wanting to remain firmly routed in the solution side of things. Very sensible I'd say. I'd envisage that some of his diagrams will be printed and pinned to the inside of the boat and scrutinised during that first month.


Anonymous said...

Pete - Great act one, scene one... following your play with interest! Hope the safety curtain doesn't fall

Pete said...

As you very well know, the show must go on.

Waterrat said...

So long as it's alright on the night!