Friday, 16 November 2007

Bears, contracts and bloggers

Don't you just hate Pudsey Bear day. Well I do anyway. Listening to Radio 2 in the workshop makes me think that if you want to give to charity, brilliant but don't think that the rest of the country needs to know about it. And you really don't need to bathe in that huge vat of custard before you do it.

I emailed the New Boat Company to see if they had finalized the contract ready for signing and it will be this weekend. The word 'eager' was used in the reply as in the fact that Liverpool Boats were 'eager' to start the boat. I can't imagine that this eagerness extends to the sheet metal fabricators or welders. I imagine that the company is eager for my money. Wait a minute. Why are they so eager for my money. Are they in financial trouble and hoping that this order will bale them out. All sorts of things go through your head when you are dealing with these kind of sums. I'd best read the contract carefully and ensure that it is in the BMF format. I think I'd best put the eagerness down to marketing.

How do other bloggers find you after being live for only two days? I was taking a break from the workshop and playing around with feeds and Feedburner. (I still have no idea how it all works. What's the difference between Atom and RSS? I chose Atom as I know what an atom is but as for an RSS. No idea. Really Simple Syndication apparently. Well if it was so simple I'd know what it was.) Anyway, admiring my statistics I was proud to find that no one had been on my page (except for the inevitable bots), no one had read it and no one had subscribed. Then, suddenly, the number 1 appeared replacing the number 0 in front of me. The perfect 0 was gone for ever. Well thank you very much Maffi. And I can assure you that there is absolutely no class or taste here.

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