Sunday, 23 November 2008

Distress on the Soar

We decided to go for a walk around the area today and let Lisa have a look at the area in the daylight. Sam was delighted. She just loves walking with the both of us and is always a little reluctant when it is just me and Lisa is on the boat. When we got back, Lisa waited by Barrow Deep lock and I brought Sam back to the boat so we could both have a pint in the local pub. On the way back to the boat I noticed something in the water by the upper lock gates but it didn't register what it was. I put Sam in the boat and returned to catch up with Lisa. I had another look to see if I could see what it was in the water and crossed the lock to have a closer look. It was a largish animal and upon examination, identified it as a young Alsatian dog.

Oh dear. I know that the liveaboards moored behind us had two Alsatians and there was only one in evidence beside their boat. I knocked on the side and it was indeed their dog. Their reaction was exactly what Lisa's would have been if the same had happened to Sam. On piled banks if dogs fall in there is no way they can get out. It doesn't bear thinking about what could happen and did happen in this case.


Anonymous said...

A great shame ,perhaps somebody could come up with an animal alarm that activates when totally soaked to alert people to pets that have fallen in.

Pete said...

I've often though that pet life jackets were cumbersome, unwieldy and ugly but I think that the pet alarm thing does seem like a very good idea. It's certainly worth further consideration. I think I'll patent that before you do.