Thursday, 6 November 2008

Floods and gaps

I'm not sure that Debbie's date went particularly well. Oh dear! We haven't found out the sordid details yet. But the rest of the world will be in a better state with Obama in charge.

We have now moved up the River Soar to Zouch from Trent Lock. It was good to be on the move again although Lisa now has to try to find me. The flood indicator on the Trent was in the green but it was in the red on the Soar and the traffic lights at Red Hill flood lock were also red. Fortunately, as I have noted before, I have a healthy disregard for such things, totally ignored them and drove straight through. The stream was a little fast against me but there wasn't much of a problem except my ground speed was a little slow. I met up with a hire boat whose crew claimed that they had been stuck in Kegworth Shallow Lock for two days. I didn't bother to ask why as I assumed that it would be for something ridiculous. Apparently, so the hirer reckoned, between Loughborough and Leicester the Soar is still in flood and is rising and if it's rising it must be coming this way. If there is no flood gates chained up and in my way, I ain't going to let such trivialities bother me if and when I wish to continue south.

I have not been placing photos of my progress with the fitting out lately. Lisa has noted this and she reckons that that is why my audience numbers have dropped (and I thought that people read this for it's wit and humour. Well it amuses me.). The fact is that I am slightly embarrassed about the fit out as it has not as neat and tidy as I would have liked (nor as perfect as the image that is in my head). I keep telling Lisa that the trim will sort out the gaps and I'm sure that it will but it looks quite untidy at the moment. We have at last ordered the quadrant shower to be delivered to Lisa's school. We had a trawl around the local builders merchants and DIY shops but they seemed too expensive to pick one up there and then. I'll get photos on tomorrow.

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