Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Dates, footpaths & stew

Which is the most important event: Obama and McCain or Debbie and (name withdrawn by Editor). Obama is only going to be ruling the world but Debbie can make our lives a misery with one sharp outburst. She's having her first date tonight since Lisa put her on mysinglefriend.com and she is a little excited and worried and everything else that goes with this sort of thing. I hope it goes well for our sake. Oh and I hope Obama wins for the sake of the rest of the world.

The best laid plans never survive first contact and our plans to move towards Zouch have been thwarted by the rivers as the Trent and Soar are in flood again and we are going nowhere until the the waters recede somewhat. No major problem as my little van broke down yesterday and I had no phone, money or common sense with me and decided to walk back across the local network of footpaths to get back to the boat to await Lisa's return and vehicle recovery. Three hours and much slipping and sliding later, muddy, wet and mightily cheesed off I got back to the boat. Never leave for a short journey without essential items and a bag of common sense.

The outlaws and Terri were down (or up) on Sunday for stew and it all seemed to go swimmingly. Terri even spent the night and didn't get up until one pm. Back to old times. She was obviously happy enough with her accommodation as the engine was running, the pots and pans were being washed and we were walking through her bedroom and she didn't wake. She may even come back again. Unfortunately (fortunately) the boat is too narrow for her to show us more dancing, movement and drama techniques.

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