Saturday, 22 November 2008

Narrowboats and stern glands

We took a look at the boat Lisa's colleague and her partner is buying and it looked very nice. I explained that I was an expert and they would be fools not to take notes while I was telling them all about their boat and that a cursory glace from me was worth the same as a Boat Safety Certificate and a boat survey put together. We couldn't get the engine going at one stage and I'm sure it wasn't me who suggested that the engine stop should be engaged (not the gear engage lever as I thought). 

The only thing that will need sorting is the stern gland which will need repacking. A messy job since the bilge was full of greasy water and the gland is leaking quite badly but I'd be quite happy to help if necessary. I am an expert after all. Tony Brooks has a good description of how to do this at: Contrary to popular belief, Tony Brooks is God.

We also took a look around Sawley Marina to look at the prices and condition of other boats to compare and there was nothing close. Although Sawley has always had a very expensive brokerage it give us a guide.

The survival of my little van is now dubious. It's not working very well at all as water pours through the fuse box when it rains and I think that this constant drenching has corroded the internal components. Not sure where we go from here with it. Lisa's fed up with towing it around the country with her little Ford KA.


Anonymous said...

Its always nice to have an expert on hand especially one who really does know his stuff.
Deposit paid and money on the way tomorrow. Getting ready for the launch Lisa!!
Oh and Pete.........YOU are GOD!!!!!

Pete said...

Oooh shucks!! T'was nothin'.

I did mention the large hole in the hull, didn't I?

Pete said...

Ohh and you are quite right. I am God. At least in my own head.

Anonymous said...

He's not God... 'he's a very naughty boy!'