Thursday, 12 November 2009

Rayburn fully working (hopefully)

All installed and pipework in place

It's all up and running now. First lit at 1615hrs today and hopefully it will not go out until April (if what I've read is correct). I finished the plumbing today after getting hold of the expansion tank. The system hasn't been filled completely yet as I didn't fancy finding leaks this evening but will fill it tomorrow. However, I put some water into the pipework and it certainly traveled around to the towel rail so it may work after all. More tomorrow.

I know. The plumbing is a little dodgy

For anyone for an eye for plumbing, it looks a little haphazard but it was the only way I could think of to get the slope for the gravity fed system, the existing fitting couldn't be shifted and, anyway, I'm not a plumber. If I was a decent plumber, I'd have charged myself fifty quid an hour (with a hundred quid call out fee) and be speaking Polish .

We actually cooked our first meal on it this evening and it was roaring success. Quite literally, a roaring success. It all became a little hot and the little water I had in the system was bubbling away making a dreadful noise. We have now set it to the night time settings (again theory) and it has settled down nicely.

As for the negitivity from people prior to installation; it is heavy but not too heavy, it is greedy but not too greedy, it is inefficient, but not too inefficient and it is hot, but not too hot (saying that the hatches are still open).

 We may revise that in the not too distant future.


Carl said...

Looks great. Not so much plumbing as Meccano judging by all those compression joints! Still, nice and tidy.

When's the first roast dinner going in?

Pete said...

I'm sure a plumber would have done a neater job but possibly a little more expensive.

Lisa doesn't want to wait until Sunday so I think it may be in it tomorrow. I feel a disaster coming on.

Carl said...

It's a neat job. I've had the pleasure of learning how to plumb as all our radiators needed replacing, but I'm against paying for anything other than decorating. It took a few cock-ups, but I can bend a pipe and solder like a pro!

Good luck for the christening!