Thursday, 19 November 2009

Plumbing and passing bloggers

I've been filling the pipework for the last couple of days. I honesty didn't know where the water was going. There were no leaks, no joints weeping, no puddles on the floor and no jets of water soaking everything. It takes a long time to fill as it doesn't seem to want to enter the system at any great speed probably due to the pipe beginning at 15mm and going up the 28mm through the intermediate step of 22mm. It has bee gurgling away merrily, usually at three in the morning.

The problem was that I didn't take into account the size of the boiler in the Rayburn and 28mm pipework holds an awful lot of water. I assumed that the boiler was much smaller than it actually is.

Derek and Dot from Gypsy Rover appeared today on their way back to Market Bosworth to post a letter. Seems like a long way round just to post a letter although they may have other things to do. The last time I saw them was when I was on my initial 30 day fit out, they turned up and Derek spent several days helping out with the spray foam removal. That was much appreciated at the time. It was good to see them again although I had missed them the last time they were up this way several days ago.


Carl said...

So, how's the Rayburn coping under the stresses of the British Winter? Does it consume much fuel?

Pete said...

About 12 25 kg bags per month. But Lisa insists on lighting the other solid fuel fire on the nippier nights so I cannot be absolutely sure about consumption.

It's actually the best thing we have bought for the boat with the exception of the shower.

Posting tonight or tomorrow.