Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Flue fitted

Holes cut in roof, roof collar fitted, flue fitted and cemented in place and some cosmetics completed. The plumbing is proving a little harder and long winded. 28mm pipework is difficult to work with as I'm geared up for 15mm plastic piping and this stuff is copper and it's also extrordinarily expensive.

Also I haven't got hold of an expansion tank yet. Thirty odd quid from Midland swindlers for a water bottle with a radiator cap. Possibly tomorrow. With a bit of luck, it may be finished tomorrow. Yea, 'course I will.


Halfie said...

Pictures please Pete!

Carl said...

Yeah, it'll all be done tomorrow. On the subject of very expensive copper, Screwfix have a daily copper price pinned on their door... and website, I think.

Perhaps we should dump gold and buy into plumbing materials instead?