Monday, 31 December 2007

Illuminated boats

We were at the Lime Kilns on the Ashby Canal tonight watching the illuminated narrowboat display and very good it was too. People had gone out of their way to make the effort with both their boats and with their own fancy dress. The theme was 'past times'. I fitted in quite well as my dress sense and some of my clothes come directly from the eighties. Most boaters followed the normal dress code on these occasions with waist coats and bonnets.

We got home again soon after nine because we dislike the whole new year thing and wanted to get back to the comfort of our home and in front of the fire to celebrate the new year. A night in with Jools Holland's Hootananny. We are boring buggers or so someone who has just rung up has told us. Play it Jools.

Happy New Year. Have a good one. We certainly will. Even it may be a little uncomfortable for the first couple of months it is the start of a new adventure.


Anonymous said...

By seeing the photos itself I came to know worth of the illuminated boats.It seems you had a very nice experience with you.Interesting story.

Anonymous said...

Your day sounds better!Glad you’re had fun.I'm feeling pretty locked looking at these photo.What an idyllic illuminated boats.