Sunday, 9 December 2007

Chaos in the home

Terri is back from uni and causing chaos around the house. Her clothes are strewn everywhere and she is full of confidence. Not content with sitting around she has already got two jobs and insists in showing us what she has to do on her course. Her acting course consists of all manner of theatrical skills, voice, movement, acting, none of which make any sense to us.

She has been demonstration her singing and movement skills including sun salutation, downward dog, upward dog, little and big cobra and mountain pose, all apparently yoga movements. We are also privileged to hear the songs from all the current theater performances in London. Are we paying for this? No, you are or at least the taxpayer is.

Isn't the British education system great. Long may the so called 'Mickey Mouse' degrees reign. There are more than enough transferable skills in any one of these courses to see students through their working life (although they are sometimes hard to find if you don't want to see them). Terri has all manner of grants and loans from agencies, some refundable and some not and will be in the same amount of debt as most other students. But she doesn't skimp in the accommodation or food department and has never looked healthier.

Sam has taken to weeing on the bathroom rug for some unknown reason. The only thing we can think of is that she shared the bathroom with someone and sees what happens in there and has assumed that that is the place to do her business. She sometimes waits outside the bathroom in the morning for whoever to finish and when the door is opened, will pass you on the way out with an exchange of, “Good morning”s. By the time you have blearily realised what is about to happen it's too late and the rug is in the washing machine again. We will have to unlearn this behaviour when moving onto the boat.


Mo said...

The ol lady put me onto your blog, "have a look at this one" she said, "it'll make you laugh" and so I did. I like the style and the mindset, must meet up when you get on the water.
Too late to make suggestions for shell layout I suppose.
Neeerr mind.
I'll track your progress through fit-out, that should be fun!!!
Mo and Vanessa
nb.Balmaha, somewhere south of Leicester.

Pete said...

Hi Mo and Vanessa
Glad you're enjoying it. It'll be much better when I get around to using photos (whooa - high tech.). Just don't take any of it as gospel. We keep a track of your progress through the feed reader. Up to 46 narrowboat feeds now.
See ya.