Friday, 28 December 2007

Fixtures and fittings

We went out today and had a look around some kitchen and bathroom showrooms so as to decide on the quality of the fixtures we can buy. The biggest discussion is about tiles at present. The areas that, for example need tiling, are generally quite small so the quality of the tiles can be better as the quantity required is smaller for the same amount of money.

When looking in a tile warehouse I got much more excited about the impending opening of a Screwfix outlet next door. All the widgets and wadgets a man could want in one place. Quite sad really. I know where I will be spending much the the start of next year. I have used them in the past for mail order goodies but having a shop on your doorstep is brilliant.

Lisa is obviously more interested in the aesthetics and worries about the colours and what to place on the walls. I am more concerned that we have walls (I know, they're called bulkheads) at all. It seems to work well and most of our ideas are very similar but our priorities are very different. I am much more optimistic about the pace of the fit out (possibly stupidly so). She seems to think that we will be living in a small tent at the front of the boat, covered in sawdust, weeing in a bucket and getting our water from the cut. Maybe she'll be right and I'll be proved wrong (again).

We're now starting to think about the items that we will be placing on ebay in the new year but there doesn't seem to be much that we think others would require but it never ceases to amaze me how one person's tat is another's gold. Anybody want a cardboard box full of old videos. No, thought not.

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