Saturday, 15 December 2007

Chandlery visit

We visited Midland Chandlery today to check a few things out. It is amazing how little Lisa knows about what is involved with the boat fitting. Looking at all the sparkly items on display she kept asking, What is this for? What does this do? How will you fit that? Can we not get this from Ikea? Fortunately I had an answer for all the questions although it is only theoretical knowledge and it remains to be seen whether I will be able to convert that theory into practical application.

Lisa is more concerned in the colour of the tea towels and whether the mirror in our living room will fit into the boat. It's scary how little she realises of the work involved. Well it scares me anyway. She did say that she liked the Squirrel stove as the emblem on the side was just what she wanted. Well that's settled at least. That's obviously why it's the single most popular stove on the waterways. It must be wonderful to go through life announcing your arrival and wondering why the things you had asked to be done that very morning had not yet been completed to your satisfaction. With a wave of the hand further announce that you expect the job to be finished before the day is out. It was Billy Connelly who reckons the Queen thinks the world smells of paint as everything is painted just before she arrives.

We are also in the process of buying the countries complete stock of paraffin heaters from ebay so we've at least some heating for the journey from Hanbury Wharf back to the Ashby canal and for when I am fitting out. I've also dug out my father's old brass tilley lamp that hasn't been working for at least thirty years. I've no idea if it ever will work but there's no reason why not. I've ordered some mantles for that from the same source. What did we do before ebay? Now if I place the tilley lamp in a biscuit tin and position it on the roof at the front of the boat will I get away with it as a tunnel light? Don't answer that.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pete

Midland Chandlers have 20% off every Friday in January 2008.

I have no connection just seen the advert at Towpath Talk.

Pete said...

Well sppotted. We just picked up a copy at the pub today but haven't read it yet. With 20% off it might become an attractive prospect. Cheers