Sunday, 27 September 2009

Another quiet week

A week on and the inverter is working as intended. The batteries are lasting longer, as in twice as long, which leads me to believe that the old inverter was very inefficient or that the batteries have been miraculously revamped. Well if it saves me the price of a new set of batteries for a couple of months that suits me just fine.

I'm not quite sure what's happening here and I'm
not entirely sure I could do this even if I wanted to.

I had the usual discussion with a fellow boater the other night (hi Bob). You can take a stab in the dark which one it was. Well it's one of three isn't it. Cassette versus holding tank; the licensing, or more accurately, the non-licensing of canal boats and the other potential discussion is the old constant moorers thing. But this one was the second, licensing. I'm never one to shy away from informing all and sundry of my extreme radical liberal view of the world. Sorry Bob.

On the whole a quiet week but one where I finished three bows and that should hopefully pay for the Rayburn with a bit of luck. I must now find if the local boatyard can crane it into the front deck so I can haul it inside. I think I'd better measure everything again. Just to be sure you understand. As far as I can remember I had several spare inches around the range while it would sit in the cratch area. I hope it's enough. Now what am I going to place it on in the galley, slate, concrete, tiles. All suggestions greatfully received.


Carl said...


Sally said...


What sort of Rayburn are you installing?

We are fitting out our boat and are very interested in Range style cookers as a possibility.
Thank you.

Pete said...

We are hoping to fit the smallest twin oven/twin hotplate type. Avoiding the types one, two and three as there are no spares around. Nouvelle, and MF models preferred.

You have actually come up with something I hadn't thought of Carl. Placing the range on solid timber may be worth consideration and I'll add it my list of possibilities.

Carl said...

I remembered seeing this boat with a rayburn and thought how good the floor looked:

Also, it's a really nice looking boat...

Pete said...

Just had a look at that and it is a very nice under cloths conversion but I'm not entirely sure about the cross between the 19th century hull and the post-modern interior door shapes.

I don't know what the BSS says about solid fuel stoves on solid wood floors but I will have a look. It's certainly an option as I can work timber easier than harder materials.

Carl said...

But surely Rooster had all the proper paperwork?

On the design, I once had a client who lived on a boat and was excited about seeing it - only to find it had been made to look just like their house! I know, it's a home, but the point about living on a boat is that it's just a bit different.

Unless I'm wrong?