Wednesday, 18 March 2009

BSS and postgres SQL Server

The visit from the BSS geezer went swimmingly. I've got a few small jobs to do at very little extra cost and then give him a call and he'll come down, check it out and write the certificate. At least I'm doing something right. I can then renew my licence before the end of the month when the £150 fine starts getting levied for late licence applications. And I am a little late.

After having installed Linux on my old laptop I am now reading up all I can on the subject. My current volume is about Linux in general and my current chapter is called, ' Processes and Environmental variables'. The last chapter was, 'Streams and sed – The stream Editor'. Riveting stuff I'm sure you'll agree if you use your imagination. Only forty three chapters to go including, 'DNS and Name Resolution', 'smbd – Samba NT Server' and 'postgres SQL Server'. I can hardly contain myself. It must be a man thing.


Anonymous said...

It certainly is a man thing.... women don't have time!!!!!!

Pete said...

No, they're too busy watching Dancing on Ice with the Stars.