Monday, 16 March 2009

Stolen boats and BSS

This week has been very uneventful with only one blogger passing (at least only one that I saw). nbDebdale was on their mad dash around the east midlands and every time I read their blog, they are miles from where they were last. Pickles No 2 has only been around the Leicester rings since October. This is a ten day trip for some people.

I've got a BSS geezer coming around on Wednesday for a look at Pickles with the aim of getting it through the MOT. There's no gas on board but I fitted it out from the start and I'm not entirely sure it will come up to specs. We'll see on Wednesday. I must remember to get rid of the petrol generator before he arrives. And all the other illegal things.

I'm on the lookout for the stolen narrowboat Que Sera Sera at the moment as it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that it may be heading this way if the sightings are to be believed. I've been keeping an eye on the Canal World Forum for regular updates on this. There are some really nasty, vindictive, intolerant people on that forum and this may have something to with the reason why I refuse to contribute to it. I wonder if they would be so nasty if they were face to face with their victims. I very much doubt it. Well I wouldn't anyway.

Debbie of fame came for a quiet Sunday lunch and we all went up to the Rose and Castle again. It wasn't quite as good as the last time were were there a week ago but not bad nevertheless. They serve a good pint.


Anonymous said...

I read about the stolen boat on Canal World Forum and have to say (and in agreement with you), that I couldn't believe how nasty people were being! Not only do these poor people have to worry themselves half to death about their property and what will become of it, but then have to endure the most unhelpful and downright spiteful comments. It certainly reversed my opinion about the 'happy world' of boating.

Let's hope they find it. And to hell with all the rest!

Good luck on Wednesday.

Nb Yarwood said...

Good luck for tomorrow Pete.

Simon said...

I'm with you on the BSS - having redone virtually everything myself, so treating the first visit (two months early) as a 'tell me what I need to do' session.

CWF is curious - there's a lot of obviously nice & friendly people there, who manage to tolerate the ars*h*l*s more than I can. I get really bored by the gadget freaks who evangelise their One True Way and attack anyone who strays into their territory... I've said myself these may well be people I've had nice chats with at locks etc... the mod won't do a thing about them, either, I've asked.

sorry. ranting!

Pete said...

CWF plays a good role in the canal world keeping it's readership up to date with canal related info.

It is spoiled by the few (and they are few). Unfortunalely the canals are now merely a representation of the greater society and all our idiosyncrasies. In days gone by the canals were a separate community within mainstream society with their own codes of behaviour but whether they were happier is open to interpretation.

Tortoise is indeed a funny little boat (I can't see it now but I think I read that that's what you called it) but it's looking good for its age. If my BSS is anything to go by, you shouldn't have a problem.

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

I go along with yours and Carl's view. Instead of people just keeping an eye open for the boat they seem to want to have the owners sent to prison or deported.

Lock Alarm said...

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