Saturday, 27 September 2008


My editor has told me that I need to clarify my previous blog. When I said that I enjoyed single handed cruising, I obviously didn't mean cruising without Lisa. It is her, after all, that supplies the driver sustenance and liquid refreshment. I meant to say that it would not be a problem single handed cruising but obviously a full complement of crew would be much better.

Are you happy now? As if any of this really needed saying. My editor really is a pain in the ass.


Keith Lodge said...

I am on the side of your editor lol. With out a good woman by his side, every man is lost he he he. Ask Keith he knows which side his bread is buttered on.

Jim said...

Talking of editing, can I just say "thanks" for the link on your blog roll, but "Starcross"' blog address has now changed to Any chance you can update the link?

Pete said...

Hi Jim. All sorted now. I need to update all my links and add some more sites but this is a start.