Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Cults and Tooters

I am officially a cult or a sect or somesuch and have a 'follower'. My 'follower' is in fact Jo and Keith on nb Hadar. I think this is all a little spooky and not a little disturbing but Blogger, my blogging medium, has developed this thing that I can see no point of at all. I am allowed followers. These are apparently people who read my blog from Blogger but I've no idea what the point of it is. I'm also not sure what the advantages are over using Google reader and subscribing to the blogs that you want to read there. Presumably to allow the blogger to identify who their followers are. Always useful.

Lisa is very easy to please. Many women would be happy with nothing less than a new kitchen. Lisa, on the other hand, is perfectly content with some Fablon with pictures of pebbles on it to use as a worktop surface. Saves an absolute fortune.

This canside sign left me a little baffled. Narrowboats are two a penny these days. Just turn up at a broker, view the boats, choose the one you want and offer about a third of the asking price and it's yours. Why you'd want to put a sign up indication that you want one seems a little pointless.

Why do tooters think they have priority over the rest of us non-tooters? I am not a tooter, have never been a tooter, will never be a tooter nor do I even have a device enabled for tooting. Tooting is not something I find at all comforting nor have I the necessary inclination to toot. I am also unlikely to hear the tooter's toot as I am standing on top of 42bhp of throbbing moving parts that have not been completely covered.

Tooters seem to think that if they toot prior to arrival at a blind corner, bridge 'ole, etc that we non-tooters will think, 'Hang on. There's a tooter 'round the bend here. I'd best hang back and give them priority and the ability to charge through the blind bit without looking'. For two hundred years the unwritten rule has been, 'they who arrive at the blind bit first have priority'. It has never been, 'they who toot first have priority'. As a fully trained clinical psychologist I believe that tooters are insecure, unconfident people who need tooting as a way of screaming at the world, 'I'm here, I'm important, take notice of me.'

On the other hand I may be totally wrong.

A motorized kayak. I somehow doubt they toot either. Seems like a good piece of kit though.


Keith Lodge said...

It's your follower here.... it is a little spooky, but have already seen a new blog out there. Adam follows us, so now I follow him hahaha.
I reckon Lisa is like me, easy to please, happy with her lot. The work top works for me, it looks great.
We saw that canal sign as well, and I thought, that it was a little odd. Maybe they are to lazy to go to a brokerage.
Mmmm Toot tooters.... We have a klaxon, but it never gets used, as Keith does not believe in blowing a horn. The Klaxon is for affect. he has never used a horn, and does not intend to begin now. But there does seem to be more and more boaters speeding into bridge holes, which is alarming when we cannot stop on a sixpence, so we end up hitting the boat coming at speed, their fault not ours. I applaud you Pete keep up the good work..
Kind regards.
Your follower LOL.

Pete said...

Greetings fellow follower (gives secret handshake).
Lisa has no option. This is her lot whether she likes it or not. And as for Keiths horn...I don't think I wish to go there.
Always nice for the ego to be applauded though.
See ya.
Pete and Lisa

Anonymous said...

All hail the Big Pickle! Were not worthy! I can admire anyone who turns a Sailway narrow Boat into a Home and do a Blog to boot,defiantly worthy of followers.