Saturday, 7 June 2008

France and those dasterdly French

Readers of this blog may be wondering what is going on and why there has been no recent entry (on the other hand they may be thinking, 'Thank god that idiot's gone. Glad to the back of him', and who could blame them). I have left the boat and am currently in France where I am running a small camp site in Burgundy. It is in fact our camp site and this is something that I do every year. “It's ok for some”, I hear several people shout (metaphorically). Well it would be if it made any money but it doesn't so it isn't. It will make some money when we sell it which we are currently trying to do (anyone want to buy a camp site). Anyway, Lisa is currently living on the boat and I am here and she will join me when the term ends.

For all my bluster about marinas, Pickles no 2 is currently residing, yes you guessed it, in Trinity Marina in Hinckley where it will remain until I return at the end of August when we can continue hopping bridges. My excuse is that Lisa cannot handle the boat by herself and needs amenities to hand. I know, it's pathetic. I am a real hypocrite. But you already knew that, didn't you. That's the way it is and that's the way it shall remain.

On the boating front, I never got it painted in the end and it has remained half finished in British Racing Green. But the bits I have done look good even though I do say so myself. Lisa has been briefed on the systems, something she has been dodging for some time reliant on me to sort it all out. With a little help she should be all right and I'll still have a home to go back to in August.

Since this is meant to be a narrowboat blog it seems right that I shall give it a rest over the summer period but if something comes up of interest (like Lisa blows up the boat) I'll report back straight away. We only have dial up over here and it is a bit of a pain in the neck but it's now up and running and I've discovered that I have 262 blog entries to read. Unfortunately most will remain unread but I won't tell you whose I'm deleting (that Granny Buttons, it's like a bloody virus).

I've just heard that Terri has just been accepted onto a three year acting BA course at uni. Congrats. She was a little worried as she was on the one year foundation course and had to audition for this one. I for one am over the moon for her. Apparently she went way over the top on the audition and it worked. I've seen a lot of overacting in my time and it's always sure to get noticed.

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